“Say What…?”

XGN report on the latest news, companies, products and events within the console gaming industry. XGN actually started out as an online radio station run by ex-Editor in Chief Sam Clay. The site found itself playing to a small audience of music lovers who also enjoyed the input of gaming news. The site took an official change in 2006 where it found the help of Dave Burns which led to the birth of what was known as XG247. The website began its Xtreme Game News Podcast and this marked the start of the podcast feed which has been alive for over three years! Website content has slowly expanded over the years to what you see today.

Now under the current Editor in Chief, Alex Johnson, XG247 has evolved into XGN and with a team more dedicated to you than ever, we’re always looking for new ways to bring you what you want to know.

“Mission Control, Where is my statement?”

Here at XGN we feel some of the gaming news sites have lost their personal touch and overload users with information. We try to keep things simple and bridge the gap using your feedback to report on the news you want to hear.

XGN’s mission is, ‘To create a gaming community suitable for all users by publishing and sharing the best news, reviews and features from around the industry, presenting it in a user friendly form with humour, interaction and originality being at its core’.

XGN in its simplest form is a website for gamers created and lead by gamers, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Meet the Team

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